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10AMP 15IN PTH 4POS UPRG HT 20LB W/CRD 50FT DTCH CH50102, 10 amp,18-lbs.,69 dB,Yes,Yes,HEPA,50-ft. (detachable),4-Liters,Bag,Two-Year Commercial,Yes,. . . .,Yes Product Details
12" LIGHTWEIGHT WITH EMPTY DIRT CUP C1415, 7.1 amp,14-lbs.,12-in.,Commercial V Rated,Filed Poly Pro,No,Triple,35-ft.,E-Z Empty Product Details
C-12" COMMERCAL VACUUM| UPRIGHT C1404, 7.1 amp,11.5-lbs.,12-in.,. . . .,Triple-Layer Allergen,35-ft.,HOO 4010100A (sold separately),One-Year Commercial,HOO 4010100A,Yes Product Details
C-12" MAID SAVER 5.O AM UPRIGHT SC679, 5.0 amp,12-lbs.,12-in.,. . . .,Standard,30-ft., Product Details
C-12" MANUAL HEIGHT VAC CLEANER No., MH12, 10 amp,20-lbs.,12-in.,Yes,Yes,No,Standard Filter*,N/A,40-ft.,Paper Bag RCP 9VMHBA12 (3 incl.),One-Year Labor/ Two-Year Parts,Yes (HEPA also available),Yes Product Details
C-12" POWER HEIGHT VACU CLEANER No., PH12, 11 amp,23-lbs.,12-in.,Yes,Yes,No,Standard Filter*,N/A,40-ft.,Paper Bag RCP MHBA12 (3 incl.),One-Year Labor/ Two-Year Parts,Yes (HEPA also available),Yes Product Details
C-12" SANITAIRE 7.0 AMP UPRIGHT SC684, 7.0 amp,16.2-lbs.,12-in.,Polycarbonate,Steel,Yes,Standard,50-ft., Product Details
C-12" SANITAIRE 7.0AMP UPRIGHT No., SC886, 7.0 amp,16.8-lbs.,12-in.,Chrome Steel,Steel,Yes,Standard Filtration,Yes,50-ft., Product Details
C-12" SANITAIRE UPRIGHT MULTI-PRO W/TOOL SC785, 6.5 amp,14-lbs.,12-in.,Yes,Allergen*,20-ft.,Disposable Paper,Two-Year Parts/Labor Commercial,SL-61125,Yes Product Details
C-12" SANITARE 7 AMP|GR BAG W/MICRON FILTRATION No., SC888, 7.0 amp,18-lbs.,12-in.,Chrome Steel,Steel,Yes,Allergen Filtration,Yes,50-ft.,EUR 63213-10 (one incl.),Two-Year Parts/Labor Commercial,EUR 63213-10,Yes Product Details
C-12" UPRIGHT VACUUM| W TOOLS|MICROFILT No., C1414-900 7.7 amp,17-lbs.,. . . .,Yes,No,Triple-Layer Allergen*,35-ft.,. . . .,HOO 4010100A (sold separately),One-Year,. . . .,Type A Bag,Yes Product Details
C-12" VACUUM CLEANER|CO MMERCIAL No., CV12, 7 amp,17.2-lbs.,12-in.,Yes,Yes,Yes,Standard Filter,Yes,50-ft.,Paper Bag RCP 9VCVPB12 (2 incl.),One-Year,Yes (Shake-Out Cloth Bag is also available),Yes Product Details
C-16" SANITAIRE 7.0AMP NO HEADLIGHTS No., SC899, 7.0 amp,18.4-lbs. ,16-in.,Steel,Steel,Yes,Standard Filtration,Yes,50-ft. , Product Details
C-COMMERCIAL UPRIGHT VAC CLEANER C1660-900 12 amp,16.7-lbs.,. . . .,Yes,No,Teflon Product Details
C-SANITAIRE COMMERCIAL U RIGHT MEETS LEED REQUIRE No., SC889, 7.0 amp,18-lbs.,12-in.,Steel,Steel,Yes,Allergen Filtration,Yes,50-ft. (detachable),EUR 63213-10 (sold separately),Two-Year Parts/Labor Commercial Use,EUR 63213-10,Yes Product Details
C-SANITAIRE DURALITE UPR HT VACUUM SC9050, 5 amp,10.6-lbs.**,12-in.,. . . .,Allergen Filtration,30-ft. (detachable),EUR 63881-10 (sold separately),Two-Year Parts and Labor Commercial Use,Z-63881A,Yes Product Details
C-SD BAG F/ SC9180 DURA 2 MOTOR UPRIGHT 10/CS EUR 9180, EUR SC9150 10/5's, 5 Bags per Pack Product Details
C-VACUUM CLEANER|ULTRALI GHT|COMMERCIAL No., UL12, 4.0 amp,9.7-lbs.*,12-in.,. . . .,Standard Filtration,40-ft.,Easy Empty Paper Bag , RCP 9VULPB12,One-Year Parts/Labor Commercial,RCP 9VULPB12,Yes Product Details
C-VACUUM|WINDTUNNEL| 13 12 AMP C1703-900 12 amp,15.2-lbs.,. . . .,Yes,No,Triple-Layer Allergen*,35-ft.,. . . .,Allergen Y Bag (incl.),Two-Year,. . . .,Type Y Bag,Yes Product Details
INSIGHT 10AMP 13IN PTH 4 POS UPRGHT 16LB W/OCRD 5 CH50105, 10 amp,16-lbs.**,69 dB,Yes,Yes,HEPA,50-ft. (detachable),4-Liters,Bag,Two-Year Commercial,Yes,Type SB,Yes Product Details
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