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Unitec Sales understands that you want your kitchen to operate at top efficiency. No matter how big or small, your kitchen needs professional grade tools and equipment you can rely on. We stock 1,000’s of Kitchen Wares from the suppliers you know and trust. Manufacturers such as Rubbermaid, Ecolab, Brute, Crestware, San Jamar , Pelouze, Procter and Gamble, Impact, Kimberly Clark and Bobrick to name just a few. We offer the latest in carts and racks, ingredient bins, cold and hot food pans, chef hats and hairnets, aprons, cutlery bins, beverage dispensers, pitchers and decanters. We carry everything you need for food preparation including digital and mechanical scales, analog and digital thermometers, turners, scrapers, spatulas, measuring cups and spoons, ladles and serving spoons, sifters, graders and cutting boards. Our selection of cookware includes high quality stainless and Teflon coated frying pans, aluminum and stainless steel stock and sauce pots, baking and roasting pans, chafing dishes and steam table pans. Unitec Sales also carries a full line of Restaurant, Kitchen, Janitorial and Maintenance Supplies. Whatever your need, Unitec Sales has the products to keep your kitchen operating at top efficiency. Give us a call today.

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